Magdalen House
136-148 Tooley Street
London SE1 2TU
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When we entered the market almost 30 years ago, Lake Estates was one of the first commercial developers to see the appeal of raw office space. We knew that image conscious organisations needed premises to reflect their personalities. Robust design, good natural light, exposed finishes, polished wood floors and high ceilings were and continue to be inherent qualities of the spaces. We also recognised that Clerkenwell and Southwark/Southbank were the places to be for the growing number of businesses in the emerging 'knowledge based economy'.

Initially we created these raw offices out of redundant industrial buildings which we refurbished. Before long, Lake Estates had constructed new build versions including the award winning Royalty Studios in Ladbroke Grove.

We continue to strive to be at the forefront of office design by employing the services of the most talented architectural firms in London to make sure that our spaces remain as fresh and as attractive as ever.

Our creative approach extends beyond our portfolio. As part of this, we the creative process, bring good architecture into the community.

"Lake Estates is focused on the design, construction and delivery of built exemplars. Exemplars that challenge the norms of the market and construction and the design and servicing of space. Their aim is to make ever more elegant and delightful urban spaces and buildings that engage with people and place. They are team players who confront the challenges to their ambition creatively and with wit; their enthusiasm driving us all along. The journey is inevitably demanding but also vital in that it promises to actually be better to arrive than to travel!"